Who does what.

This webshop is hosted by Mittwald CM Service GmbH & Co. KG and runs completely on renewable energy. It was built and designed by Sven Rakewitz and Hans Goedecke.

Most of the text is displayed in the Adobe Garamont Pro typeface. The history of the Garamond font family goes back to the 15th century and was named for French typesetter Claude Garamond. This classic serif typeface is elegant and easy to read, making for its seamless transition from the days of the letterpress to our digital world. The font used for the section titles is Open Sans to create serif-free clarity. 

The product photos are by Caroline Prange and Flavia Renz..

The copy is prepared by our sous chef Thomas Hedde-Leitner and reworked and translated by our Resident Philosopher.