For your loved ones: our gift boxes and vouchers.

Gift Boxes

Why not treat your loved ones and/or favourite clients to a taste of Berlin/Brandenburg’s best?

We’ve put together a selection of gift boxes chock full of wonderful things representing what we’re all about: a commitment to exceptional quality, careful preparation which allows each ingredient to shine, in aesthetic sustainable packaging by Michael Sans.

Choose one of our Nobelhart boxes for a selection of goodies from our Friedrichstraße kitchen or pick the Berliner Fenster variety filled with our favourite products from Berlin’s best cooks and food producers. 

Or go for the Berliner Fenster Box: We curated exceptional products from the city’s very best chefs and food producers. You will be experiencing an unique insight into Berlin’s nowadays food culture.

With Die Gemeinschaft we offer a fine assembly of products from members of Die Gemeinschaft e.V.. We are supporting this very significant project by donating 50€ with every box sold.

The beautiful gift box packaging is designed out of sustainable materials by Michael Sans, our go to house designer. Add a special twist by choosing our optional furoshiki gift wrap – a pure cotton cloth by Frank Leder which makes for a fantastic apron. 

Simply order online and have it delivered to your friends in Cologne or your business partners in Hamburg. The perfect gift for any special occasion or special someone. Price includes packaging and delivery.


We love gift vouchers. They’re a truly universal present, guaranteed to bring joy to a loved one as much as to a thirsty business contact. Plus, to us they are sort of like a loan to us – and some people never even come to collect it… Although that doesn’t happen very often!

The Essential One

Our small selection of delicacies from Berlin/Brandenburg puts the spotlight on our region’s essential tastes.

From: 35,00 
Geschenke Komposition Die Wesentliche mit Salzbutterkeksen im Glas, Rote Bete Aufstrich, Apfelringen, getrockneter Minze und ganzen Walnüssen. Jetzt bestellen im Hausgemachtes Online Shop vom Nobelhart und Schmutzig in Berlin.
The Hearty One

The elemental aromas of Berlin Brandenburg – dried apple, onion jam, walnuts – coupled with some of our true kitchen classics.

From: 60,00 
Geschenke Komposition Die Solide mit Salzbutterkeksen, rote Bete Aufstrich, gesalzenem Karamell, Johannisholzöl,Apfelringen, getrockneter Minze, Walnüssen. Jetzt im Hausgemachtes Online Shop vom Nobelhart und Schmutzig in Berlin bestellen.
Die Dicke

This box also includes a fabulous Müller-Thurgau by Weinbau Krämer and aromatic fennel seed oil from Ölmühle an der Havel.

From: 115,00 
Geschenke Komposition Die Dicke mit Salzbutterkeksen, rote Bete Aufstrich, gesalzenem Karamell, Johannisbeerstrauchöl, Fenchelöl, Apfelringen, getrockneter Minze, Walnüssen. und einer Flasche 2018 Müller-Thurgau trocken von Kraemer. Jetzt im Hausgemachtes Online Shop vom Nobelhart und Schmutzig in Berlin bestellen.
Die Gemeinschaft

A selection of delicacies by members of Die Gemeinschaft e.V.. With every purchase we support this very important club with 50€.

From: 134,00 
Die Gemeinschaft als Geschenkbox inkl Spende im Nobelhart und Schmutzig Online Shop
The Berliner Fenster

This box presents you with a selection of exquisite products portraying the diversity and vivaciousness of Berlin’s contemporary food culture.

From: 130,00 
Das Berliner Fenster als Geschenkbox im Hausgemachtes Online Shop