What you can do with the Berliner Fenster

Smoked Salt

You can, of course, sprinkle the salt on a buttered sandwich. Other than that, use it like you would regular salt: anywhere you crave smoke and that dark depth. Also great as a yogurt or cottage cheese dip for raw vegetables. Having said that, you should really put it in all your veggie soups and stews from now on, as it’s bound to turn a “regular veggie stew” into a “veggie stew for the ages.” Seriously. Or sprinkle it on freshly pan-fried steak to transport yourself back to last summer’s barbecues.

Blackcurrent Wood oil

A beautiful addition to any salad, yet as versatile as olive oil. Or try it with celeriac – it’s a Nobelhart classic. Keep refrigerated to preserve the flavour.. It keeps as long as your normal olive oil, although we suspect you’ll be using it all long before it has a chance to go bad. It’s simply too tasty!

Salted Caramel

For a sweet breakfast with brioche, croissant or toast – and a good helping of butter!
Also great in yogurt or with musli, as sauce for your panna cotta or to top your favourite ice cream. Also be sure to try it in cake bases… or just spoon it directly from the jar.

Honeycomb – Mädelfleiß

At the restaurant we try to use as little actual sugar as possible – honey is a perfect alternative. Also be sure to try the honeycomb with good cheese or sprinkle it with some coriander seed. Elisabeth and Bettina recommend having it the traditional Arabic way with a handful of nuts.

Brook Trout Garum – Otto

Use it exactly as you’d use soy sauce, in dishes requiring a little extra umami or in your salad dressing. 

Hazelnut Dukkah – Michelberger

Try it in your salad dressing or as a topping for fish dishes, fried or baked. Also makes a great marinade for meat – lamb is a particularly good fit!

Fermented Carrots – Olaf Schnelle

Great with liver and goat’s milk cream cheese. If you enjoy snacking on pickles, this will hit the spot. Or try it with anything you’d have with sauerkraut. Just heat some butter in a pan, add a dash of white wine and have the beets with fatty sausages and cooked ham.

Pumpkin Seed Nougat – Freundschaft

Make yourself a good sandwich or croissant with pumpkin seed nougat. Also works well as a substitute for herb butter with pink deer loin. In desserts it goes wonderfully with vanilla ice cream or crepes. Otherwise, the nougat also tastes fantastic with ripe blue cheese (e.g. Stilton) or when you get hungry at night.