Menu (vegetarian) 100/200

The 100/200 supper is sold out!
You still want us to cook for you? We would love to prepare you our nobelhart supper.

On their visit to Nobelhart on the 23rd and 24th of April, Thomas and Sophie will be preparing an entire 100/200 signature meal – yes, that’s right, you’re getting the full experience! Look forward to the endlessly satisfying umami aromas of burnt and marinated leeks from 2019 with the floral tartness of rhubarb and rose compote. Their classic dish of smoked onion fuses springlike freshness with darkness and depth by combining coriander, coffee and cru de cacao. You’ll also be able to sample pickled shiitake mushrooms in an invigorating glaze of coffee and cherry. The mushrooms grew on old oak trunks in Hamburg. With 100/200 hailing from Hamburg, it’s only expected that they should include one of the Northern city’s most iconic foods: their homemade Franzbrötchen pastry is wonderfully fragrant with the aroma of cinnamon butter, served with sumptuous whipped cream. For dessert, you’ll enjoy a selection of macarons from Mario Michaelis 100/200’s pastry chef, made with various types of gin from the Woodland spirit distillery, for example Pinkshot, Martini and Quince. The latter features the 100/200 Kitchen Cut gin 100/200 developed in collaboration with Woodland, available only in a strictly limited edition!

Your supper comes with 100/200’s own sourdough bread, butter made with curd cheese from the Molkerei Dahlmann as well as a highly addictive umami dip.

If you find yourself craving something meaty, be sure to order yourself 100/200’s extra meat course.

Also be sure to order yourself the 100/200 beverage package for the entire family to complete the experience.

For 1 person