Apple-horseradish mustard

Sophia Hoffmann

When Lisana Hartl and Sophia Hoffmann met in 2017, the two women immediately hit it off and promptly decided to create a product together – made entirely from regional ingredients. The result of their collaboration fuses tradition and modernity in an extremely tasty way. With its fruitiness and mild spice, it’s bound to win over those who usually turn their noses at mustard. Try it as a spread or use it to elevate any sauce or dressing.

125ml jar


(€27.20 per 1kg)


The apple-horseradish mustard goes perfectly with smoked tofu and grilled vegetables and adds beautiful aromas to dips, salad dressings, marinades, stews and mashed potatoes.


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Sophia Hoffmann
Sophia Hoffmann - cook, author and activist from Berlin. For 10 years Sophia has been creating colourful vegan recipes and sharing her knowledge and passion in intuitive cooking. However, she is concerned with much more than “just” sparking a revolution in homecooking. Sophia is committed to the protection of resources of our environment, advocates for the reduction of animal products as well as feminism and social justice issues.  In 2017, Sophia met the junior boss of the family business Münchner Kindl Senf, Lisana Hartl, at a vegan dinner in Olching near Munich. A new cooperation was born which, for Sophia, marked a return to a real family tradition: her great-grandfather had already been the owner of the Bavarian mustard brand Develey from 1904 to 1922. The love of mustard and old family recipes were thus passed down from generation to generation in the Hoffmann family - and now Sophia is carrying this into the future with her very own signature products.