Apple juice


One thing right up front: with the purchase of this juice you’re making a real contribution to environmental protection in Germany’s eastern parts. OSTMOST is committed to the preservation and replanting of meadow orchards, an ecosystem that is as endangered as it is valuable and, not least, a home to a wide variety of insects.  

It just so happens that this apple juice tastes fantastic, too. That’s no surprise, really, as the apples are sourced entirely from old variety, all natural, certified organic East German meadow orchards. The latter are home to such illustriously named varieties as the Minister von Hammerstein, Privy Councillor von Breuhan, Königlicher Kurzstil, or even Red Szczecin, all of which come packed with more authentic flavor than your run-of-the-mill Gala apple from Peru. No pesticides, fungicides, herbicides or fertilisers are used; all fruit is hand harvested and then gently processed into apple juice.

We also OSTMOST apple juice in our apple spruce and apple pine juices.

1L bottle


(€2.79 per 1L)

OSTMOST (“East Must”) produces juices, spritzers and ciders in Berlin. The name says it all really: expect to sample stellar must from the east of the country, i.e. juice obtained by pressing fruit from Brandenburg, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. What’s remarkable is that OSTMOST uses fruit exclusively from meadow orchards eco-certified according to strict criteria. This means all OSTMOST products are limited editions, in a way, as the cultivation of meadow orchards naturally doesn’t lend itself to mass production. Indeed, the preservation of these delicate ecosystems lies at the heart of OSTMOST’s mission; over 80% of meadow orchards have sadly been lost over the past 50 years. OSTMOST also advocates for the replanting of old fruit varieties, so you’ll truly be drinking for a good cause.