Apple sauce

Nobelhart & Schmutzig

Hailing from the rich Brandenburg orchards and meadowlands of Äpfel und Konsorten, the apples used in our apple sauce are mostly of the Kaiser Wilhelm, James Grieve, Ontario and Boskoop varieties. A generous helping of butter makes for a delightfully creamy texture and brings out the apples’ delicious tartness. Best served at room temperature or slightly warm.

230g jar


(€58.69 per 1kg)


We love serving this Nobelhart classic as a side for pan fried brussel sprouts with raw walnuts. If you’re more partial to the traditional German pairing of apple and potato, try the apple sauce with rösti or potato pancakes. Of course, apple also loves pork, so have it with fried black pudding and potato puree – this brings out the apple’s fine flavours.