Artichoke elixir

Dr. Jaglas

This is quite simply one of our favourite digestifs at the eatery: a delightfully medicinal artichoke elixir, made according to the time-honoured tradition of Berlin’s Jagla family of pharmacists. Following several weeks of aging, regional artichoke leaves meld with bitter herbs, roots, barks and flowers such as gentian, centaury, citronella root, cardamom, ginger rhizome, nutmeg, cinchona bark, bitter orange peel, juniper berries, lavender, cinnamon bark, citronella, valerian, angelica root, cloves, galangal rhizome and saffron. The cold macerated bitter herbs bring out the full flavour. Serve it in a shot glass!

500ml bottle


(€71.90 per 1L)

Dr. Jaglas
For decades, the Jagla family of pharmacists has been using medieval monastery recipes and time-honoured knowledge of herbs and plants to produce the best herbal bitters. From selected herbs, fine spices and essential oils, the Jaglas macerate carefully matured spirits - still entirely by hand. The basic recipe of a bitters is anchored in the classic German pharmacological compendium, the  Pharmacopoea Germanica. To this day, it serves as a reference book for Dr. Jaglas' pharmacists, along other ancient works and handed-down herbal lore. The herbal elixirs contain no additives, colorants or flavorings. Dr. Jaglas specifically focusses on roots, barks, leaves and fruits that naturally have a high content of bitter substances.