Regenbogen Collection

It’s time for your own personal rainbow – FUNDAMENTAL.BERLIN’s rainbow series is made from heavy crystal before it is covered in a special foil for extra vibrancy. This foil also changes and exaggerates the ways in which crystal reflects and breaks light, making for a true eye catcher. 

Works great as an ashtray, but we think it also makes a beautiful bowl. It’s simply stunning on any dinner or coffee table, with or without the cigarette butts.

1 ashtray (approx 1.1kg)


Founded by Gunnar Rönsch and Stephen K. Molloy, FUNDAMENTAL.BERLIN is a Berlin-based company that operates worldwide in a spirit of openness and fairness, exporting to 34 countries. Gunnar and Stephen first met as architecture students at Berlin’s Universität der Künste, teamed up and never looked back. They launched FUNDAMENTAL.BERLIN back in 2011 after working for renowned architectural offices such as David Chipperfield and Jürgen Mayer H.  Drawing inspiration from nature and mathematics, the FUNDAMENTAL.BERLIN designer use naturally occurring shapes as their point of departure for any piece of furniture or art object. From this, the final form slowly evolves over a process of close collaboration. Their beautiful crystal objects are then crafted to perfection by their trusted partners in a traditional, privately-run workshop in Pujiang, China.