Barbecue Set

Nobelhart & Schmutzig

Barbecue season is upon us – and here’s a set of products to elevate your own grilling adventures to a Nobelhart level. 

Mustard is a true barbecue essential and there is no better mustard than the one from Einbecker Senfmühle. Great for dipping veggies and perfect as a substitute for tomato ketchup on your burger is our very own beetroot dip. If you’re in the mood for surf’n turf, give Baldon’s shrimp powder a try. Our smoked salt adds lovely smokey flavours to everything that doesn’t actually go on the grill, such as sour cream dips or sprinkled onto buttered bread. To make sure your side salad can keep up with all this barbecued goodness, we’re also throwing in verjus by Organic Food Studio and Ölmühle an der Havel’s famous coriander seed oil. 

Another thing to keep in mind to set up your perfect barbecue is choosing the right coal. Get yourself a bag of beech wood coal from the black forest by Thomas Faißt, which contains 90% carbon and burns extremely hot and with very little smoke. 

What else is special about this barbecue set, you may wonder? Well, we’ve knocked 10% off the price, so get it while you can! 


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Beech charcoal

This set contains


Mustard is important if you like savoury cuisine as much as we do. But not all mustard is created equal… this is why we’ve picked Einbecker Senfmühle’s Küchensenf as our own kitchen staple. 

Beetroot spread

As a vegetable spread on your sandwich or as a dip for raw vegetables. This beet dip is also a great alternative for anybody who wants to boycott ketchup and co.

Shrimp powder

With Baldon’s shrimp powder you can add a note of North Sea to your food. Anybody who is into surf’n’turf can season their steak with this shrimp powder instead of salt.

Smoked salt

You can, of course, sprinkle the salt on a buttered sandwich. Other than that, use it like you would regular salt: anywhere you crave smoke and that dark depth. Also great as a yogurt or cottage cheese dip for raw vegetables.


Verjus is far more than a substitute for lemon and vinegar. It adds a wonderful fruity and grapey note to any salad dressing. Since it is rich in tartaric acid, you could also use it to bring out the flavours of any recipe that would normally call for wine.

Coriander Seed Oil 

100 % coriander seed, old pressed at Ölmühle an der Havel. An incomparably aromatic oil and brilliant match for carrots or potato-based dishes. 

Nobelhart & Schmutzig
If Billy is to be believed, Nobelhart und Schmutzig only exists so that he can easily get his hands on the best food the Berlin and Brandenburg region has to offer. And so he can help himself to any of the 1308 different wines stored in our lovingly curated cellar….  But all joking aside, the motto at Nobelhart is:

Putting Local Food Back in Your Hands!

Nobelhart & Schmutzig has been “vocally local” from the start. Since first opening our doors in February 2015, we have grown fearlessly into our current role as Germany’s most political restaurant. This involves a conscious decision to shift the focus squarely onto the people, all from the greater Berlin region, who produce our raw ingredients. This self-imposed renunciation of products from afar, including lemons, tuna and chocolate, is the foundation of our eatery’s distinctive signature. There’s more at play here than just culinary aesthetics. Serving this philosophy also intrinsically means promoting environmental and economic sustainability for the people working with the bountiful nature in and around Berlin. It also involves pride in a sense act, even if too few understand it as such. And the ordinary shopping list very much serves as the stage for this modern brand of politics.  In addition to supporting raw ingredient producers from the Berlin region, Nobelhart & Schmutzig works closely with Die Gemeinschaft to establish a new and better eating culture for all. Good, healthy food should provide a future, perspectives and identity for the people who produce it and the companies that transform raw ingredients into fine products.