Bavarian hazelnuts

Daniela und Martin Stimmer

Freshly shelled, lovingly produced hazelnuts – if you’ve been to our eatery or have tucked into our granola or caramelized hazelnuts with juniper at home, you’ve already had the pleasure of tasting Stimmer’s Haselnüsse. Nonetheless, there’s no need for you to concoct any ambitious plans in your own kitchen if you get yourself a pack of these very fine kernels – they’re perfect to snack right out of the pack. And, as always: if anything of this quality were available at the regular supermarket, we wouldn’t be offering it here.

500g paket


(€29.00 per 1kg)


by Ann-Sophie Raemisch
Daniela und Martin Stimmer
In the idyllic and somewhat secluded Erdinger Moss, a stone’s throw from Munich, lies Daniela and Martin Stimmer’s hazelnut orchard with over 7000 trees. In this small family business, everything is done by the Stimmers themselves – and with a level of care and competence that produces enviable results. Following the late-summer harvest (at the end of September or in early October), only the best hazelnuts are selected for Martl’s well-known premium blend. If you ever find yourself in the sweet village of Moosinning, be sure to visit their little store for even more hazelnuts as well as recipes and recommendations.