Beech charcoal

Thomas Faißt
Black Forrest

For a barbecue, the coal is more important than the grill. Thomas Faißt is a real charcoal nerd – and his is the only black forrest beechwood coal we use at the restaurant. His “Baiersbronner Schwarzwald Ernte” is everything coal should be. It contains 90% carbon, meaning it burns at a high heat and for a long time. With its complex, occasionally fruity aromas, it’s bound to transport you to a different place – this is the kind of product that doesn’t belie its origins. Unlike with industrial charcoal, you can truly smell the forest in the smoke. In terms of quality, it is definitely on a par with Japanese charcoal.

4k bag


(€16.50 per 1kg)

Thomas Faißt
He is one of the last men standing when it comes to the traditional craft of pristine charcoal burning. Thomas Faißt manufactures his charcoal from 100% beechwood in the forest close to Baiersbronn. His unique natural product is created in such a complex and thoughtful manner that you won’t be able to go back to “regular” coal afterwards. Indeed, you can hear, see, and smell the black forest in Thomas’ charcoal.