Black leek powder


A true explosion of flavours – one with such oomph! that our dear colleagues caution you to dose it very carefully. Use it like you would fleur de sel and gently, sparingly sprinkle it onto your dish at the end to give it that little umami boost. 

10g packet


(€1,200.00 per 1kg)


Gently heat up some butter and add a dash of powder – this pairs well with any white vegetable such as cauliflower, salsify or turnips. Add a little to your crêpe or pancake batter or your pasta dough to give it extra complexity.

Back in the late 1990s, the "Essigbrätlein", where our own Billy Wagner used to work, gave important and pioneering  impulses to German gastronomy. Andree Köthe and his chef Yves Ollech said goodbye to classic ingredients of top gastronomy, such as foie gras, and have since been using vegetables from root to flower with a great deal of creativity and enthusiasm. And this always with the aim of eliciting the maximum of flavours from every part of a vegetable. Over the years, various  seasonings (oils, powders, essences) have been created that contribute to  the perfect taste. For the first time, the Essigbrätlein is now selling several of their special essences in a limited edition via the Nobelhart & Schmutzig online shop, to help you bring that Essigbrätlein touch to your homecooking.