Black peppercorns


Black peppercorns from India and Sri Lanka boasting gentle heat and a particularly refined aroma. The peppercorns are strongly ethereal with pleasantly earthy notes and a touch of herbal elegance.



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There is probably no need to explain the use of pepper. However, spices are the perfect example of how fairly traded, high quality products are just not at all comparable to their paler, run-of-the-mill supermarket cousins. Really good pepper can add so much more to your food than just aggressive spiciness. Crush a few peppercorns in your mortar and take a minute to enjoy the fragrance – a whole new world of peppery deliciousness.


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For over two decades, Gebana has been a vanguardist of fair, direct trade that benefits farmers, local economies and the environment. Their holistic approach combines political activism with local empowerment: they know all of their farmers personally, train them and trade with them directly. No matter how remote a village or poor a country, Gebana truly go the extra mile in sourcing products that taste good and do good.