Black pudding

Gut Hirschaue

Finally! Here’s a black pudding whose original taste isn’t masked in spices. It’s as pure and meaty as it gets.

170g portion


(€44.40 per 1kg)


Have it with fried potatoes for a traditionally German experience, as a cold cut for breakfast or on good bread with a lot of butter. You can also add it to our potato soup – be sure to throw in some fermented mustard seeds for good measure!

Recipes for the black pudding from Gut Hirschaue


Kartoffelsuppe / Blutwurst / Petersilie
by Micha Schäfer
Himmel und Erde / Koriandersaatöl / Verjus


Sauerkraut / Blutwurst / Johannisbeerstrauchöl
by Ursula Heinzelmann
Gut Hirschaue
In the Oder-Spree district of Brandenburg lies the small village of Birkholz with its game preserve boasting an area of 185 hectares and more than 1.000 fallow deer, red deer, mouflons and the local “Märkisch” saddle pig. Absolutely unique in Europe, it is managed according to organic farming guidelines. Lovers of venison salami, game liver paté, saddleback ham and fresh meat and sausages are bound to get their money’s worth at the farm’s own butchery. Gut Hirschaue delivers products directly to customers who’ve got their meat box subscription and also sells it's wares at farmer’s markets and in speciality stores. We’re absolutely crazy about their spectacular black pudding!  By the way, there is also a rustic restaurant on the Gut Hirschaue estate where groups of 20 or more visitors can feast on various dishes of wild game after after booking in advance. There are public guided tours of the enclosure every first Sunday of the month between May and December, followed by coffee and cake.