Blossom honey

Forsthaus Strelitz

A mild and flowery honey from the honeybees at Forsthaus Strelitz – intense but not overly sweet.

At the moement we have their rapeseed honey.

500g jar


(€24.00 per 1kg)


Honey is incredibly versatile. For the purest, most intense experience, simply have it on good bread. Or add it to waffles, pancakes or your breakfast muesli… or to tea, other hot beverages or your favourite salad dressing. Of course, honey is also great to bake with or to use in sauces. If you’re substituting it for sugar when baking, keep in mind that you need roughly 140g of honey when the recipe calls for 100g of sugar. When the honey crystallizes you can put the closed jar in a simmering pot of water, like this you can melt it again, and it will usually stay like this a couple of weeks.


Recipes & Ideas


Himmel und Erde / Koriandersaatöl / Verjus


Karottensuppe / Koriandersaatöl / Frischkäse
Fenchel / Apfel / Feldsalat / Haselnuss-Röstmalz
Forsthaus Strelitz
Venture 100 kilometers to the north of Berlin to the small town of Neustrelitz and you’ll find the small hotel and restaurant Forsthaus Strelitz run by Wenzel Pankratz and his family. Things are scenic here, no doubt: a wooden stove sizzles in the kitchen while the estate’s lush gardens yield all sorts of herbs and vegetables, there is an orchard, several beehives as well as the farm’s own pigs, lambs and geese. Make no mistake though, there is nothing backwards about this Mecklenburg-Vorpommern idyll. Head chef Wenzel learnt his trade in highly decorated restaurants such as Facil and Schauenstein before joining Jonnie Boer in the Netherlands, Andreas Caminada in Switzerland and Bobby Bräuer in Austria for more hands-on lessons.