Brandenburg walnuts

Walnussmeisterei Böllersen

If you’re similarly exasperated by the pre-eminence of Californian walnuts on German supermarket shelves, you’ll want to listen closely. There IS indeed an amazing local alternative. These amazing walnuts grow just outside the Berlin city limits in a properly bucolic idyll. Plus, we’re sure you’d much prefer to support a small, owner-run business over the multinationals and their dusty, decrepit excuses for nuts. This is your opportunity to taste for yourself that not all walnuts are made equal. These are far beyond anything you’ll find even at the organic grocery store, so be sure to stock up!

500g paket


(€18.00 per 1kg)

Walnussmeisterei Böllersen
Vivian and Marcel founded the Walnussmeisterei Böllersen back in 2015. Since then, their small agricultural company in the northwest of Brandenburg – situated just between the Löwenberger and Ruppiner Land – has made a name for itself not just in cultivating walnuts, but in carrying out important research and consulting in this field. Today, their lands span roughly 4.5 hectares, boasting over 200 trees of over 30 different varieties. In this way, they help maintain the diversity of walnuts in Brandenburg, while also changing public perception about the viability of walnut cultivation in Germany. With a comprehensive program of lectures and consulting services, the Walnussmeisterei are an invaluable resource to anyone fascinated by this wondrous nut.