Bread crock

B. Erning–Söhne

Wait, you don’t have a real bread crock at home? It’s time to change that – even Billy has one and he absolutely swears by it.

Ceramic bread crocks keep your bread fresher for longer than any plastic wrap or plastic container. That is thanks to the unique properties of the clay used to make this crock and the carefully placed air holes on the sides. And while this may be a very traditional way of storing your bread, it’s highly innovative all the same: the glazed inside of the crock effectively prevents the formation of mould.

Follow the link for a users manual.

The crocks are manufactured by hand and over open fire. Each crock is a unique item and therefore, we ask for your understanding that we can’t exchange ceramics due to aesthetic characteristics.

5L bread crock


(€61.00 per 1pc)

B. Erning–Söhne
The B. Erning–Söhne pottery’s workshop looks back on a history of over 200 years – and now, it is one of the only potteries in Germany still using traditional methods in small-scale production. Indeed, many of the same techniques have been passed down for generations, making for products of excellent craftsmanship. Their unique pieces and bespoke series are sought after the world over.