Brook trout garum


Here’s your all-local fish sauce made from 25teiche’s char. All offcuts and bones not used at Otto are salted and left to mature with buckwheat koji at 60 degrees over the course of four weeks. This results in an intense garum which has fast become one of Otto’s signature ingredients.

Best before date: 31.12.2022

200ml bottle


(€75.00 per 1L)


Perfect for salad dressing, as a marinade for red meat or to add flavour to stews and soups. Just use it like a soy sauce!

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What you can do with the Berliner Fenster
Chef Vadim Otto Ursus and his restaurant Otto are firmly rooted in Berlin and Brandenburg. The restaurant’s kitchen on Prenzlauer Berg’s Oderbergerstraße and a repurposed dacha in Brandenburg’s Schorfheide serve as laboratories and experimentation spaces for Vadim’s culinary endeavours. Using mostly self-grown or foraged produce and strictly regional produce, Vadim and his team ferment, marinate, pickle, and preserve, merging tradition and innovation in all-local seasonal cuisine.