Brown bread

Bäckerei Zimmermann

The original Rhenish brown bread of the Zimmermann bakery is made according to the original recipe from 1875 drawn up by great-great-grandfather Caspar Zimmermann. It’s a deep black bread, rich in fiber and strong in taste. Strong grains and a lot of work go into making this traditional loaf, a speciality of Western Germany’s Rhineland: it takes at least 48 hours to go from dough to packaging.  

Now you ask yourself: Bread from Cologne? Why would you ship that to Berlin? Well, you’ve got to taste it for yourself, that’s why. Even without preservatives or sugar glaze, the bread can be kept for four weeks and tastes good for that long. Ex-Colonge residents will thank us – and so will you once you’ve acquired a taste for this unique specialty!


500g loaf


(€11.00 per 1kg)

Bäckerei Zimmermann
A family business in the truest sense: the history of Cologne’s legendary Zimmermann bakery goes back to 1875, when one Caspar Zimmermann first set up shop at Ehrenstraße. Following destruction of the premises in the war, his grandson rebuilt the business in 1948; later he handed over the business to his son who, in turn, handed it over to his sons in 1994. So now Markus and Andreas Zimmermann are the fifth generation running the family shop, using the recipes created by their ancestor, master baker Caspar Zimmermann. With such a storied past, there’s no place for modern fads in their bakery either: additives such sugar couleur, syrup or even dyes have no place here. Tradition and proven recipes make the difference: only the right mixture makes the good bread. The quality of the ingredients, fidelity to old recipes and near-religious adherence to purity laws make for excellence à la Zimmermann.