Canola oil

Fläminger Genussland

When it comes to frying and baking at the restaurant, we absolutely swear by this mild and delicate rapeseed oil. Made with 100% Fläminger Genussland premium rapeseed and gently pressed on-site, it’s simply the best oil for frying, deep-frying, steaming and baking. 

And as if all that wasn’t enough, Fläminger Genussland oil is chock full of minerals and vitamins. 

Safe to heat up to 250 degrees. GMO free. 

500ml bottle


(€9.80 per 1L)

Fläminger Genussland
Nestled in the southwestern corner of Brandenburg, the Fleming is an ancient cultural landscape. It is the home of Ronny and Tino Ryll – founders of the Fläminger Genussländer and unofficial culinary ambassadors of this very special region. Before founding their company, the two brothers gained degrees in agricultural sciences and travelled all over Europe to gain first-hand farming experience beyond their native Brandenburg. Ever since founding their company in 2009, their aim has been to offer their customers a slice of Fleming life – in the form of excellent produce from an as yet little known place.