Cashew nuts

Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso

Whole, natural organic cashews, produced by Gebana’s subsidiary in Bobo-Dioulasso in compliance with high labor protection standards; shelled, sorted by hand and exported directly.

Cashews are more expensive than many other types of nuts and kernels. This is partly because only one kernel is formed per cashew apple. Harvesting and processing are very time-consuming, laborious and also usually take place under very poor, inhumane working conditions, in order to save money. Cashew nuts are traditionally dried in the sun after harvesting. Afterwards their shell has to be cracked and removed, because it contains a poisonous oil, which is an additional danger for workers and harvesters. So even if you don’t buy your cashews from us, make sure that you always buy cashews with the fair trade seal. Otherwise, you run the risk of supporting a system in which harvesters are paid only minimally, child labor is commonplace, and workers in processing are exposed to the harmful fumes of the toxic shell oil that are produced during roasting.


Best before date: 30.11.2022

1kg packet


(€27.00 pro 1kg)


As a snack with a good book or to be nibbled in front of the telly. These nuts definitely enhance your muesli immensely and also do really well in a yogurt with fresh fruit. Try cashew nuts in a meat or fish curry: just add a small handful of cashews just before serving. Or toss a few chopped nuts into a salad of grated carrots.

The nuts keep best if they are stored in a cool, dark place and, above all, protected from moisture. At storage temperatures below 16 degrees Celsius, pests such as moths don’t stand a chance. So store nuts in the refrigerator or cellar, for example. Use an airtight container to protect them from moisture.

For over two decades, Gebana has been a vanguardist of fair, direct trade that benefits farmers, local economies and the environment. Their holistic approach combines political activism with local empowerment: they know all of their farmers personally, train them and trade with them directly. No matter how remote a village or poor a country, Gebana truly go the extra mile in sourcing products that taste good and do good.