4x Untempered Chocolate


You know the drill from Third Wave Coffee and natural wine. At long last, it’s cocoa’s turn to shine. Untempered chocolate is for those who are looking to get really nerdy about chocolate. It’s another level entirely – according to Simeon, it’s the best and most exciting thing happening in the world of chocolate, and we’re inclined to agree. 

Untempered chocolate explodes the familiar flavor profile and is purist and funky at the same time. All the chocolates are intensively fermented, briefly roasted and made according to the same recipe with 80% cocoa. What flavor comes through in the process? Quite simply: ALL OF IT. Depending on the variety, untempered chocolate boasts flavors of exotic fruits and cinnamon to roasted sesame, kombucha and fine spices. Once you have tasted this chocolate, there is no going back to the industrial goods from the supermarket or delicatessen shelf. Take it from Simeon: Let your techno be industrial, not your chocolate! 

Get the full flavour experience in our set of 4:

  1. Mono Bravo

Floral notes of tropical fruits / cinnamon / gingerbread / nuts / chocolate mousse 

  1. Piura Blanco

Raspberry / lime / gooseberry / blackcurrant / dried plum / pecan nut 

  1. Kamili

Orange / toffee / red fruits / kombucha

  1. Arhuaco

Sweet spices / licorice / roasted sesame oil / rose petals

The mold isn’t dishwaser-safe and needs to be washed by hand.

240g packet (60g per triangle)


(€416.67 per 1kg)

CC/104 stands for Craft Chocolate / Prenzlauer Berg, made by Simeon Rückert, proud disciple of the grandmaster of chocolate, Holger Int’Veld. If you’ve been looking to get real nerdy about cocoa, look no further – this is the highest level. Untempered chocolate brings out the authentic taste of the bean and its terroir. It requires a little bit of work from you, but worry not, with Simeon’s special system it’s no more effort than grinding and brewing your own coffee.  And by the way, because it is unfortunately this still isn’t a given: all ingredients are certified organic and sourced through direct/fair trade supporting sustainability projects in local communities.