‘Nibby’ Apagrisac

in't Veld

The nibbiest nibby chocolate to ever nib – starring one of the world’s current best cocoa beans. These are individually roasted by Holger, broken open, separated from the shell and, after the main rolling of the chocolate, combined with the previously separated nibs. In addition to bringing out each variety’s unique character, this makes for great intensity, crunch and freshness.

Apagrisac (Honduras)
The “chocolatiest” = coffee-nuttiest. Hazelnut and Arabica with clear blueberry notes.

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60g packet


(€150.00 per 1kg)

About the bean grower

Apagrisac (Honduras)

APAGRISAC is a small cooperative in the northwest of Honduras. The 120 farmers (20% women) own an average of 2 hectares of land on which they grow cacao, bananas, tropical fruits and wood. The farms are located near Lake Yojoa, the largest natural lake in Honduras, formed by volcanic fields and eruptions. At an elevation of 700 meters, the surrounding area provides an excellent habitat for many bird species and a biodiverse landscape that is cared for by local people. The members of the cooperative work closely together throughout the year and have centralized the post-harvest process to continuously improve quality.

in't Veld
...is Holger's Dutch surname, pronounced "in het veld" which basically means "farmer". Back in 2002, Holger left the illustrious world of music journalism at Germany’s wonderful Spex magazine to devote his attention to chocolate. According to Billy, he’s the one and only chocolate wizard – he’s so knowledgeable that even the dessert experts at CODA came to him to learn the tricks of the trade. The focus of Holger’s work is on sourcing the best cocoa beans and to manufacture them in a way that preserves their natural, pure essence. Once you’ve had Holger’s chocolate, you’ll forget all about the sugar-sweetened and milky travesties that pass for chocolate in the supermarket.