Unertl Wheat Beer Sauce

Nobelhart & Schmutzig

Unertl’s Mühldorfer Weißbier is the only beer we use in our cooking – and it’s the star of this particular show. But worry not, this sauce isn’t only for beer lovers. It’s delightfully aromatic and savoury, not least thanks to a good helping of butter and the veal stock we gently reduce over many, many hours. A perfect addition to many a feast.

Keep the glass in the fridge once it’s open.

535ml jar


(€61.68 per 1L)


At the restaurant we often serve our Weißbier sauce with roasted red beets or kohlrabi, but it works just as well with savoy cabbage or any type of cabbage, really. It’s also great with veal and pork. According to Micha Schäfer, it goes with “anything you’d have with beer” – so be sure to try it with soccer and cigarettes, too!