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ChungKing Noodles

For this ChungKing Noodles Chili Oil, dried chilies, ginger, sesame seeds, peanuts, five spices, and black fermented soybeans are deep fried in canola oil according to Ash Lee’s very own recipe. Your home cooking is bound to become a lot more interesting with this extra fiery boost of umami goodness!


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The ChungKing Chili is not really for cooking. But you can add in cooked rice, meat, fish, noodles, vegetables or raw vegetables or even some mild cheese. It is more used as a topping or a seasoning to enhance the flavor of your favorite dishes and add a little bit of fire to them.

ChungKing Noodles
At the end of October 2019, Ash Lee opened her first restaurant in Berlin Kreuzberg, "ChungKing Noodles". There she specializes in Chongqing's signature noodle dish, Chong Qing Xiao Mian, which, like Chongqing cuisine in general, is bursting with chilies, Sichuan pepper, and plenty of flavor intensity.  At ChungKing Noodles, there's the classic version with minced pork as well as variations with beef, a vegan version with tofu or shiitake, or even the Wednesday classic with chicken gizzard. It always includes pickled cabbage, slops, soy sauce, garlic and ginger, and - most importantly - Lee's fabulous chili oil, which she makes according to her own recipe.