pars pralinen

Hand-made and elegantly wrapped chocolates in a flamboyant banderole – unique in shape and taste. A treasure that combines pleasure and the art of design.

Every year spring takes pars pralinen outside to the freshly fragrant blossoms of Brandenburg. Young spruce shoots, plum or cherry blossoms, woodruff – the finest natural ingredients, boiled in smooth Erdhof cream and combined with intense chocolate from Holger In’t Veld. An irresistible moment to get involved in the variety of flavors. Deep – sensual – gentle.

Depending on the season, you will get a composition of 9 (3 varieties) or 16 (8 varieties) chocolates that will take you on a culinary journey and represent the diversity of the ingredients.

49,90 89,90 


pars pralinen
As a chocolatière and sculpturist/visual artist, Kristiane Kegelmann combines her two professions in the form of her handmade pars chocolates. Her products are based on a deep understanding and enthusiasm for seasonal, sustainably sourced ingredients from local producers. Her chocolates – no, her chocolate sculptures – hint at the dichotomy of nature and architecture, of that which is wild and ancient and that which comes into being through the hand of the art(isan). Using many foraged ingredients, Kristiane creates abstract geometric shapes and adds a playfully creative finish. Each of her chocolates is unique, fusing pure taste, a love of detail and a true sense of craft.