Clarified Butter

Erdhof Seewalde

In German-speaking countries, it is called Butterschmalz (clarified butter);  organic supermarkets usually call it by its Indian name, ghee. The good people of Erdhof Seewalde simply refer to it as “milk fat.” Be that as it may, it is a versatile, natural food that is conveniently lactose-free. Since Erdhof Seewalde’s cows spend the majority of the year grazing on its ample pastures, their milk contains a lot of essential fatty acids. 

The best-before date is purely cosmetic, by the way. (You know, regulations and all.) Trust us: this alternative to butter has a really really long shelf life, it keeps for up to 15 months in the fridge and up to 9 months at room temperature.


400g jar


(41.25€ per 1kg)


Milk fat is ideal for frying or roasting. Since all milk components have been removed you can heat it to much higher temperatures without having to worry about any harmful substances – the smoke point is 205 degrees. Many ghee lovers also swear by a melted teaspoon of clarified butter in their morning coffee.

Milk fat also works well as natural skin care – and not only for dry skin, but also for skin that is too oily. As a cleansing additive, it removes dirt and sebum, thus ensuring a finer and more even complexion. At the same time, it protects and cares for very dry and sensitive skin areas and has an anti-inflammatory effect.


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