Coconut blossom sugar


The sugar looks similar to brown cane sugar, yet in flavour it resembles caramel and malt. Produced in Indonesia by small family farms, this coconut blossom sugar is sourced from the flower – bud sap of coconut palms and makes for a less sweet alternative to conventional sugar. Try sprinkling it on to your breakfast yogurt.


1kg packet


(€18.00 per 1kg)


Coconut flower sugar has a very distinct savoury, caramelly taste and adds a density, depth and body to any dish. Simply swap a part of the normal sugar you would use in a recipe for coconut flower sugar, for example on banana bread, crêpe or pancake batter, caramell or use it to season hearty dishes to taste.


Safran / Birne / Doppelrahm
by Ann-Sophie Raemisch
by Ann-Sophie Raemisch
For over two decades, Gebana has been a vanguardist of fair, direct trade that benefits farmers, local economies and the environment. Their holistic approach combines political activism with local empowerment: they know all of their farmers personally, train them and trade with them directly. No matter how remote a village or poor a country, Gebana truly go the extra mile in sourcing products that taste good and do good.