Five Elephant
Biftu Gudina - Filter, Five Elephant, Berlin

Our favourite coffee in Berlin comes from the Five Elephant roastery. Like us, they value excellent ingredients and taste as much as transparency and sustainability – it’s coffee as coffee should be.

Approx. 130 smallhold farmers
Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union
Agaro, Kaffa, Ethiophia
Ethiopian Heirloom
Washed & sun-dried on raised beds
1.800-1.900 masl
Magnolia, red plum, and earl grey tea

By the way: We always sell whole beans as filter coffee roasting.

250g packet


(€68.00 per 1kg)

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To make a really great cup of coffee you need to pay attention to every single step along the way. The more precise you are, the better it gets. We recommend you get yourself some coffee scale to make sure you use just the right amount of coffee. Also, you might wish to invest in a proper coffee grinder – we recommend this one by Comandante. Use light, soft water from the filter to allow all aromas to unfold. 

Five Elephant
Finding a decent cup of coffee in Berlin is no longer an impossibility, a fact of which you’ll be well aware if you’ve been here a while. One of the vanguardists of Berlin’s coffee revolution? Five Elephant. This internationally renowned roastery and cake bakery is committed to sourcing the world’s best coffee in a way that protects natural resources and supports local producers of coffee beans. The journey of each batch of coffee can be traced from farm to cup; through direct trade, Five Elephants creates personal and sustainable partnerships that are characterized by openness and appreciation.