Black walnuts

Nobelhart & Schmutzig

Vivian Böllersen provides us with not-yet-ripe, green walnuts which are harvested in late May/early June. After sorting through and halving the nuts, we water them daily to wash out tannins and bitter compounds. Over the course of this process, the walnuts slowly begin to oxidate and eventually turn black. They are then preserved in water, sugar, verjus and salt – we don’t add any spices to give room to their delicate taste profile.

220ml jar (130g net weight)


(€76.90 per 1kg)


Sliced thinly, our black walnuts are a perfect complement to cheese, meat, salads or paté.

Or try them in this unusual or lovely pasta:

fry up onions, add thinly sliced black walnuts, add salt and deglaze with the water from the walnut jar. Add cream and reduce slightly. Stir in pasta and grated cheese. Voilà!

Alternatively, here’s our idea for a tempting dessert:

1 scoop of vanilla ice cream
2-3 black walnuts, thinly sliced
1 tablespoon of walnut or pear brandy
1 teaspoon of walnut oil

Scoop the ice cream into a chilled bowl and cover completely in walnut slices. Add brandy and oil and serve immediately.