Good sex is might be noble, hard or filthy – but above all, it has to be consentual throughout. Our collaboration with einhorn condoms is all about shedding light on an issue that is very close to our hearts: the importance of communication in sex. Indeed, checking for consent doesn’t stop at putting on the condom – be sure to keep talking about boundaries, needs, wishes and desires, even in the heat of the moment!

That aside, we’re pretty sure you know how to use these, if not, ask Billy for help!

A word about the design: You’ve seen our wild horseradish before – it was designed by Veronika von Manz and graces our tote bags. However, the design actually goes back to our condom project. At first, we’d intended to simply put a drawing of the phallus on the pack, but then our resident philosopher reminded us that condoms don’t just go on penises, but also makes sharing toys safer. Good sex is also inclusive! 

3 condoms


(€1.50 per 1pc)

Berlin’s very own einhorn produce the best products for down below: condoms as well as menstrual hygiene supplies – all of which look so outrageously good that you won’t even think to hide them. But that’s not all which makes einhorn special. A certified purpose company, einhorn are all about bringing maximum sustainability and transparency to their trade. They make sure to pay the people who grow their raw materials fairly, to reduce plastic packaging and to support biodiversity. With so many good deeds, you won’t be at all surprised that all of einhorn’s products are 100% vegan, too!