Conference pear juice

Wachstum König

About sixty years ago, grandfather König began planting his fruit trees specifically in certain soils, matching pH values and textures to particular varieties. It turned out that the Conference pear thrived especially well in the Königs’ orchard in Kittenberg. Today, Karlheinz and Herbert König still benefit from their grandfather’s pioneering work, but have nonetheless worked tirelessly to take the farm to the next level. Now, their pear trees are cultivated completely biodynamically. The fruits are cold-pressed and the juice is bottled without any additives.

After opening Wachstum König’s fine juices can be kept for up to 4 weeks in the fridge. Try and see what happens to their taste!

730ml bottle


(€23.15 per 1L)


Pour into a wine glass and enjoy it lightly chilled. 

Wachstum König
Additive-free, unpasteurized fruit juice of the highest quality you could possibly ask for? Well, you’re not going to find it at the supermarket. Enter Herbert and Karlheinz König of Wachstum König in Austria’s Styria, proud manufacturers of just about the best juice we’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting. Their motto? “Leaving commercialism behind, embracing uniqueness and diversification instead of conformity” – and we couldn’t agree more! The third generations of Königs to produce juice in Kittenberg, Karlheinz and Herbert are very much indebted to the work of their grandfather Fritz König, a pioneer of Styrian high cultures. Then as now, the Königs work to adapt their trees perfectly to the terroir and microclimatic conditions. Some of the trees in their orchards are over 100 years old, making for juices of a depth, character and distinctiveness you’d normally look for in wine.