Saudi Arabia

Not all dates are created equal – you know, we know it. So if you’ve been searching for one that is extra thick, juicy, and full of flavour, look no further. We’ve done our homework and have found just the package for you. With four different varieties, this very special selection by NaraFood ranges in flavour from spicy-aromatic to raisin-sweet and mild and cinnamony: Ajwa, Wanan, Khidri and Kholas.

 All of the dates are semi-dry, meaning that they were harvested just on the cusp of ripeness, so be sure to keep them refrigerated. 

400g packet


(€34.75 pro 1kg)

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With its deep black skin, Ajwa is the most visually striking component of our little date quartet. It also stands out from the others in terms of taste, because it is not actually that sweet and has a very aromatic spiciness. Ajwa organic dates come from nutrient-rich volcanic fields near Al-Medina – Islam’s holiest place second only to Mecca. Traditionally, during Ramadan, the daily fast is broken with a glass of water and three Ajwa dates. 

The Wanan date is also comparatively dark, but on the bigger and fleshier side. Pleasantly mild in taste, it has delicate notes of cinnamon and cocoa. Wanan organic dates are long, cone-shaped and still not particularly well known outside the Arab world. They’re great  to have as is, but do consider trying them stuffed, for example with walnuts, candied ginger or goat cheese. 

Khidri dates are reminiscent of raisins with their fine, sweetish taste and delicious notes of caramel. This date is native to Egypt and is covered in a chestnut-red shimmering skin.
Khidri is best enjoyed at room temperature – this way the fruit is particularly tender and can develop its full aroma. 

The Kholas, the fourth date in the bunch, has a honey-yellow to golden-brown color and a soft, pleasant sweetness. Its flesh is firm to the bite, yet soft and sweet.  Expect notes of toffee, fudge and caramel – it’ll come as little surprise to you that Kholas are often served as a dessert. However, they’re just as great as a snack.

NaraFood’s small, Bavaria-based team is united by their love of adventure and the conviction that organically and sustainably sourced produce is far superior to conventional goods in just about every way. On his many trips to the Arab world, company owner Georg Huber discovered his passion for dates - and came up with the idea of importing them to Europe without compromising on quality, sustainability, cultivation and fair, equitable relations with the producers. In addition to fresh, semi-dry and dry dates, the NaraFood's range now also includes jar varieties such as date chocolate cream, date syrup, date balsamic vinegar and date mustard.