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Die Gemeinschaft

Here is your opportunity to sample very special products by artisans making a real difference to contemporary culinary culture. For example, there is Kristiane Kegelmann, who saw no future for herself in the classic confectioner’s shop with its cheap chocolate and passion fruit purees. Guided by her passion for art and aesthetics, she founded pars Pralinen and now produces high-quality artisanal chocolates. Also NaNum with their kimchi which is a classic when it comes to fermentation. Jinok makes this super fresh kimchi based on an old recipe and we just love it. All members form a colorful mix of inspiring personalities who (want to) fundamentally improve our food system with their daily work. With this gift box, you’ll be able to do your part! Not just can you learn more about the fascinating members of this select community, but each purchase also supports Die Gemeinschaft with a donation of €50. In return, you receive seven different foods from seven different producers and tons of karma points to boot. 

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Verjus curd by Nobelhart & Schmutzig

Our very own nobelhart version of a lemon curd made with the amazing Verjus by Avaa instead of lemons. Now this wonderfully sour-sweet cream is finally available for you to savour at home. Try it as a wonderful sweet breakfast on your favourite bread or just spoon it straight from the jar.

Vegan Kimchi by NaNum

KimChi is a living, continuously fermenting natural product. To keep it alive, it should not be vacuum packed. It goes through a ripening process until the lactic acid formation reaches its peak. Then the KimChi develops its fantastic aroma and slight sparkle. NaNum’s KimChi is sold at exactly this stage of ripeness; ideally, you should keep it cool and consume it within a few days. It doesn’t go bad afterwards, but tends to become increasingly sour, so be sure to store it in the refrigerator to slow down the ripening process.

Apple Horseradish Mustard by Sophia Hoffmann

Made from regional ingredients (mustard seeds, apples, horseradish and some beetroot for colour) in the highest organic quality. With its fruitiness and mild spice, it’s bound to win over even those who usually turn their noses at mustard. Wonderful as a spread or to elevate any dressing or sauce.

Hazelnut butter by pars Pralinen

Pure and intense. pars Pralinen’s hazelnut butter is made from hazelnuts and a little salt. Add to your musli, your sandwich or have it straight out of the jar.

Koji butter by Otto

Matured, salted and flavored with homemade buckwheat Shio-Koji – this enriches the butter with notes of umami, makes it cheesy and wonderfully nutty. The butter continues to ripen in the jar and can be eaten well past its expiration date – provided, of course, you appreciate the increasingly cheesy flavor.

Hazelnut Dukkah by Michelberger

A delightfully aromatic mix of roasted nuts and spices – great for seasoning vegetables, meat, cheese, and salads. Originally hailing from Egypt, Dukkah enjoys great popularity in Middle Eastern cuisine. In fact, you probably already know it from the popular Ottolenghi cookbooks.

Beetroot spread by Nobelhart & Schmutzig

Beet accompanies us in the northern part of Germany for many months of the year and regularly finds its way onto the Nobelhart & Schmutzig plates. This spread is a small tribute to this fantastic vegetable. A wonderful earthy-fruity beet flavor – full-bodied, wonderfully fresh thanks to the acidity and the chili. And it’s unintentionally vegan to boot!

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Die Gemeinschaft
Die Gemeinschaft e.V. was initiated in 2017 by two Berlin restaurants, Horváth and Nobelhart & Schmutzig. In our manifesto, we outlined the philosophy, goals and values that drive our work. Starting form there, we want to encourage more and more people to consider our approach. We put our goals into practice through formats such as farm visits, our kitchen meetups “Warenrunde“, our Stammtisch and the conversation series “Comfort Food“. Quintessential to our work is our annual Symposium. Our aim is to unite the culinary actors of the country with a new approach to collective action. Together we want to establish a new, independent food culture that celebrates real food, appreciates and preserves localities, honors craftspeople of every kind, promotes respectful cooperation and puts nature’s value first. By sharing our knowledge, learning from other disciplines and supporting each other, we want to create tangible alternatives that inspire others. With honesty, respect, empathy and humility. We are restaurateurs and farmers, bakers and cheesemakers, academics and trainees, creatives and retailers, activists and cooks. We see ourselves as a platform for all actors along the value chain who critically examine current and future issues of our food system. We believe that closer cooperation, a better understanding of each other and personal relationships are the driving forces for a better food system.