Dried cherries


Cherries grow high up in the Karakoram Mountains in northern Pakistan. Strong western winds bring abundant precipitation in winter and spring. This harsh climate gives the cherries a tart, intense aroma that is concentrated when the fruit is dried and is vaguely reminiscent of cranberries.
The cherries are pitted, but a few may still have a pit in them.


1kg packet


(ÔéČ35.00 per 1kg)


These cherries are the perfect substitute for cranberries – throw a handful into your kale salad with walnuts, add to cookies or cakes for that extra chewiness. For a boozy chutney with your evening cheese platter, cook cherries with lots of onion in white wine and cherry brandy until you get a thick, dark, rich consistency.


Kirschchutney / Pfeffer / Rauchsalz
by Ann-Sophie Raemisch
Schwarzkohl / Kirsche / Haselnuss
by Ann-Sophie Raemisch
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