Dried coconut


The coconuts for these strips are grown in Ghana and opened by hand. The meat is cut into strips, dried at 45°C. Due to this relatively low temperature, much of the aromatic coconut oil remains in the strips – and you can taste it!


Best stored in your freezer.

1kg packet


(€32.00 per 1kg)


Dried coconut chips will get your homemade granola mix, muesli bars, cakes or cookies to the next level. For an instant holiday feeling, add a few chips to your rice pudding or add them to your fruit salad. Also worth a try: covering a whole cake in them. If Ferrero can do it, so can you. The outstanding quality also elevates classics like coconut macaroons.

For over two decades, Gebana has been a vanguardist of fair, direct trade that benefits farmers, local economies and the environment. Their holistic approach combines political activism with local empowerment: they know all of their farmers personally, train them and trade with them directly. No matter how remote a village or poor a country, Gebana truly go the extra mile in sourcing products that taste good and do good.