Dried mango

Burkina Faso

Dried mango strips from Burkina Faso. Inspected and sorted by hand and packaged in the Gebana factory in Bobo-Dioulasso. These slices of the Brooks variety are sweet in taste and have only a little acidity. No sulphur, no added sugar.

Watch out: these are highly addictive!


Best before date: 31.12.2022

1 kg packet


(€26.00 per 1kg)


Dried mango is way easier to store than fresh. Soaked in water overnight, you can use it just like fresh mango: in a salsa with onion and tomatoes, blended into your breakfast smoothie, cooked as a chutney or to add a fruity note to your curry. Use dry with your granola or just snack it directly out of the bag!

For over two decades, Gebana has been a vanguardist of fair, direct trade that benefits farmers, local economies and the environment. Their holistic approach combines political activism with local empowerment: they know all of their farmers personally, train them and trade with them directly. No matter how remote a village or poor a country, Gebana truly go the extra mile in sourcing products that taste good and do good.