Eckert Bärwurz

Brennerei zum Bären

When physician Karl Eckert came up with the recipe for Eckert Bäwurz back in 1915, he did so because he believed in the healing properties of bearwort. It turns out the taste is quite stellar, too. Then as now it is made according to Eckert’s original recipe, from foraged, sustainably sourced bearwort. This makes for a taste that is all around more aromatic and nutty than farmed bearwort.

1L bottle


(€31.00 per 1L)


Add a little water to your Eckert Bärwurz Privat, just as you would with whiskey. This makes for a rounder, more pleasant taste.


Brennerei zum Bären
In 1915 Karl Eckert founded “Die Brennerei zum Bären” in a town called Deggendorf in Bavaria. Despite this being the place where he developed his secret recipe for the original Bärwurz with a view to preserving precious plant essences, he soon moved the distillery to the Black Forest.  Today it is still run as a family business by Karl’s grandson Gert and great-grandchild Stephanie Eckert. Nevertheless, the traditional manufactory holds on to its traditional roots by sourcing wild Bärwurz only from sustainable foraging in the Bavarian Forest.