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Unfortunately, Lebkuchen has long been something like the “fast food” of the Advent season. They’re a dime a dozen at your local discounter, heavy with cinnamon and clove – and not at all representative of what a true Lebkuchen should be. 

Well, here’s one to show you what Lebkuchen actually is all about. Take it from the master himself, Freibäcker Arnd Erbel: “The secret of a decent Lebkuchen is in its texture and flavours – and we aim to make one for the ages.” For the past ten years, Arnd, Andree and Yves have been doing just that, resulting in the juiciest, most aroma-packed Lebkuchen you’ll ever taste. 

Elise: The classic Lebkuchen variety – an excellent take on an old friend.

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Cut the gingerbread in bigger pieces and enjoy. It’s a true bliss on colder nights. And for those in the mood, a glas of red wine is a good fit, too.

Tres Aromas
"I bake, therefore I am," the homepage of the Arnd Erbel Freibäckerei wants us to believe, following Descartes. We’re inclined to believe that indeed, baking has an existential dimension for the Erbel family – after all, they’ve been at it since 1680, for over twelve generations. The current baker manning the ovens in the small Franconian village of Dansbach is Arnd Erbel, a sourdough enthusiast whose craftsmanship has attracted customers from all over the world. Now, Arnd has joined forces with Andree Köthe and Yves Ollech, the chefs of Nuremberg’s Essigbrätlein, to create next-generation Lebkuchen. The five varieties under the Tres Aromas label stand out clearly from all other Lebkuchen out there with their peerless quality and elaborate spice combinations.