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Frank Leder

Frank Leder meets Sebastian Bordthäuser in this 100% organic Greek cotton t-shirt. And together, they’re calling on you to eat more fat! The cotton is sourced from Imathia in Greece by master craftspeople, processed and woven in Swabia’s Albstadt on over 100-year old looms before being cut and sewn by hand

So here it is, for all you lardo lovers and greasy Gretels: join us in the land where butter is still butter, lard is still lard, and olive oil is virgin and cold-pressed. The days of counting calories are through!

Fat has a miserable reputation, and who’s to blame? The sugar industry, wanting to wash its own sullied hands clean. Ever since then, its reputation has been unjustly tarnished. Take away fat, and everything tastes bland. Add fat, and you’ve got a world of magic to dive into: lard from pigs, ducks and geese, fatty mackerel, eel or tuna belly, crème fraîche, mascarpone or butter, oil from olives, argan trees or countless other seeds. We don’t want to do without it, can’t do without it and shouldn’t have to do without it – and nor should you! 

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About Sebastian Bordthäuser

Sebastian Bordthäuser studied German language and literature, but ultimately chose the bottle. After working in everything from beer gardens to Michelin-starred restaurants, he set up his own business in 2014 after more than 20 years in the restaurant business. Since then, he has been working as a freelance sommelier, author and journalist from his kitchen table in Cologne-Ehrenfeld. You should definitely read his article entitled “Why you should definitely eat more fat” in Die Welt.

Frank Leder
If there is one designer who brings German tradition into his work without dabbling in odiously naive notions of “Heimat”,  it’s Frank Leder. In terms of aesthetics and production, his collections are firmly indebted to the legacy of German craftsmanship, reimagining guild clothing and traditional folk costumes.The bulk of Frank’s sales happen in Japan and frankly, we think it’s a scandal that there is as yet not one German fashion store selling his stunning attire. His cosmetics, too, are full of subtle references and Frank’s trademark wit. His fragrances may sound unusual, but are thoroughly joyful – don’t be surprised if even a hand soap named after long begone butcher’s products leaves you wanting more!