Face mask roughly patterned

Jay Barry Matthews

Our beautiful new face masks from Jay Barry Matthews are made with Frank Leder’s Binchontan charcoal cotton/linen blend. We wear them during evening service at the restaurant or when we interact with guests during  pickups or deliveries. Get yourself one of your own or a whole set for your family to face the COVID-world with style and functionality.

1 mask


Jay Barry Matthews
Jay Barry Matthews is a conceptual artist whose non-media specific practice is constantly developing and transforming. His adaptability and “trans” attitude towards everything from thoughts to materials encourage the followers of his work to move rapidly like the snap of a synapse. Self-reflexive themes are a dominant element in his work but it’s clear that he only uses ‘himself’ as a catalyst to explore broader themes. To Matthewsl art is always political; it is about communication and creating change. His work has no intention of making everyone happy but it does aim to prompt critical debate.