Felt coasters – light grey


If you’ve been to our eatery, you’ll know how much we love all the little details that make up a perfectly set table – our cups, butter knives, and co. So it’s little surprise that our daff felt coasters are also available to buy through our shop. At the restaurant we use these to product our beautiful wooden counter from water and scratches. 

The coasters are made in Europe with 100% sheep wool. 

Light grey: a little lighter, but no less elegant.
Or rather go with beige or anthracite?

Why not order for the whole family? Because we made you a lovely package deal with a set of 6 for only 24€, that’s why!

4,50 24,00 

Carin Benter started daff in Düsseldorf back in 2001. Now as then, she is all about bringing colour and clear design to the table. However, daff focusses not just on excellent quality, visual appeal and functionality, but places great importance on sustainability, using new materials such as PET felt, recycled leather, natural pigments and paper-based packaging,