Fermented white beetroot

Schnelles Grünzeug

For this particularly treat, Olaf’s spectacular white beets are fermented with lavender, making for a delicious contrast. Yes, it does appear a little grey on the outside, but slice into it to discover delicate white marbling. 

This product is raw and free of additives.

300g jar (200g net weight)


(€20.00 per 1kg)

Out of season, expected back in November.

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Great with liver and goat’s milk cream cheese. If you enjoy snacking on pickles, this will hit the spot. Or try it with anything you’d have with sauerkraut. Just heat some butter in a pan, add a dash of white wine and have the beets with fatty sausages and cooked ham.

Schnelles Grünzeug
Gardener Olaf Schnelle couldn’t have picked a better job for himself. “Working so closely with nature, doing something meaningful and productive is a beautiful thing,” he says, and we absolutely agree. His produce, too, is a thing of beauty. For the longest time, only close friends and restaurants were able to purchase the wild herbs, edible flowers and rare vegetables Olaf grows in his lush gardens. With Schnelles Grünzeug , he pursues an approach that is “more than just sustainable,” akin to the campsite rule of leaving a place better than you found it. In Olaf’s case, this means cultivating his gardens in a way that leaves the land more fertile, more biodiverse and all-around more healthy. Trust Olaf to bring a similarly discerning approach to his second passion, fermentation.  His carrots, elderflower sauerkraut and co. prove that ferments don’t need curcuma or ginger to be fantastically aromatic. For this, he has rightly been recognised as one of Germany’s pioneers in the field.