Fish, “Matjes style”

Fischerei Stechlinsee

Thanks to a maturing process with a few spices, it can be kept in oil for at least 3 months.


100g jar


(€75.00 per 1kg)


Fischerei Stechlinsee
Martin Böttcher and his father Rainer are the 4th generation to run this family business at the Großer Stechlinsee. Their small lakeside business combines time-honored craftsmanship with new processing methods, yielding products that are delightful and untouched by the mass market. Grandfather Adolf Böttcher recently retired from the business after 50 years on the job. Compared to how hard and depriving the work used to be, he feels that today's fishing is almost like a vacation. A verdict we’re absolutely willing to concede to Mr. Böttcher, who after the war still knotted nets by hand from cotton and went fishing on the lake without a motorboat. In addition to managing a large part of the lakes in the Stechlin nature reserve (800 hectares of water), the company prepares and markets the catch. The snack bar at the Stechlinsee has been an insider's tip in the region for many years. The Stechlinsee is a unique lake that feeds the Böttcher family and its residents and, with its clear and pure water, almost has the character of an alpine lake.