Hazelnut and roast malt spread

Nobelhart & Schmutzig

Here’s a real breakfast upgrade. If you like Nutella, you’ll love our hazelnut and roast malt spread, containing zero palm oil or nasty additives. Instead, it’s made from delicious hazelnuts, sugar, a pinch of salt and of course our legendary, homemade roast malt, which lends it an exquisite depth.

Don’t worry if you’ll find a little liquid on top of the spread. That’s because hazelnuts are naturally full of oil. Think of it as a perk: that’s 100% pure hazelnut oil which you can use in your salad or with lightly fried vegetables. Also, our hazelnut/roast malt spread is a little more liquid than you might expect: give it a night or two in the fridge and it’ll set.

220ml jar


(€70.45 per 1L)


Use our hazelnut and roast malt spread wherever you’d usually use chocolate sauce. Maybe it’s time for your next hazelnut banana split: just add banana and a spoonful of our magic spread to high-quality ice cream. Or stir it into warm milk for a fabulous, hot chocolate style drink. Fancy some cake? Use instead of cocoa powder!

Recipes with our hazelnut and roast malt spread

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