Gentian brandy

Schwarzer Brennerei

This authentic Tyrolese gentian brandy is an ancient Tyrolese speciality created from gentian roots. This recipe goes back to Rudolf’s grandfather who began distilling gentian brandy on  the family’s premises in Lienz back in the early 1900s. Beckoning with a slightly earthy smell, it is fruity and fresh on the palate with a long finish.



350ml bottle


(€211.43 per 1L)



Schwarzer Brennerei
For four generations, the Schwarzer family has been distilling their coveted fruit brandies on the premises of the “1. Tiroler Landesproductenbrennerei” they once acquired from Ferdinand Probst, one of the 19th century’s most renowned distillers. Rudolf Schwarzer, a tax accountant in his day job, creates his spirits from fruit he either grows himself or gets from farms in his direct vicinity. There is one golden rule: No pesticides or sprayed fruit! And that is how Rudolf became Tyrol’s first certified organic distiller back in 2009.