Grape seed oil

Organic Winery Rummel

The Rummel family’s grape seed oil has a light green iridescent color and is slightly nutty in taste – plus, you’ll be able to detect clear aromas of grape amidst its fruity acidity. Grape seed oil is also a popular addition to many cosmetics (for example in facial masks) and has been used in the service of beautiful, healthy skin since medieval times. Whether you’re adding it to your salad or face: be sure to use it cold to preserve its many fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamin E!

100ml bottle


(€135.00 per 1L)


Grape seed oil is perfect in any sort of cold cuisine – use it to season salads and sauces or with cheese. It also works well for pickling or tenderising meat: just place a piece of meat in a small container, cover with the oil and leave to infuse for 1-2 days in the refrigerator. It’s also great with a tart and fruity sorbet.


Schwarzkohl / Kirsche / Haselnuss
by Ann-Sophie Raemisch
Organic Winery Rummel
For more than 30 years, the Rummel family has been practicing organic viniculture around Nußdorf near Landau in the Pfalz. Rummel's organic paradise is perfect as soon as the scent of earth is in the air, countless earthworms are busy burrowing, magnificent mallows, fragrant phacelia, a wide variety of clover species and all sorts of weeds and herbs are stretching out towards the sun. The more lush the environment in which their grapes grow, the healthier they’re bound to thrive. After all, nature teaches us that everything is interconnected.