Griotte du Noir

Spiritus Rex
2019 Schattenmorelle aus Stocksee

The sour cherries for this extraordinary brandy are hand-picked at Stockseehof – and 100kg cherries make for only 2.5 liters.
Get it while you can!

350ml bottle


(€271.43 per 1L)

Spiritus Rex
Fruit brandy legend Christoph Keller refers to him as his brother in spirit/s – and we are just as excited about Matthias Sievert’s Spiritus Rex distillery. Filling the void left by the closure of the vanguard Stählemühle, Matthias Sievert uses excellent, traditional craftsmanship to produce fruit brandies of exceptional quality. Based in Schleswig Holstein’s Bad Malente, Matthias handpicks only the finest ingredients – whether it’s rare plums from a tucked-away orchard in Northern Germany or South Tyrol’s unparalleled pears.