Hard-edge lighter

Tsubota Pearl

We just love this simple and colourful design of Tsubota Pearl’s hard-edge lighters. They introduced the design in 1999 when contemporary lighter design had moved towards streamlined and decorative forms. Tsubota Pearl took a contrarian approach to introduce an unergonomic lighter with minimal ‘hard’ outlines, emphasising its objectness. This was an outcome of multiple efforts to strip all decoration for function — the simple shape of the lighter is what emerged from this investigation. The Hard-edge has since become an iconic item in Tsubota Pearl’s product line over the past 60 years.

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Tsubota Pearl
Tsubota Pearl is a family-owned manufacturer of lighters and smoking accessories. It has been operated by a single family since its inception in 1952. Items are produced from original designs, the majority of which are expertly made in Tokyo by skilled artisans. Around 50-100 skilled steps go into the manufacturing process, including pressing, plating, cutting, assembly, shaping, welding, and polishing. All components are made in specialized workshops in and around the Asakusa area of Tokyo, known as Shitamachi or downtown Tokyo. Products made outside Japan are strictly selected using Tsubota Pearl’s high standard selection process with our vast accumulated experience.